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SEMI-EXCLUSIVE Spot the Dog Seamless Pattern

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This design can be purchased by fabric sellers.

Semi-exclusive seamless digital design drawn to the specifications of:

20cm x 20cm tile, 300DPI JPEG

Please note that this is NOT a physical item. This design has a semi-exclusive license.

Type of License

Commercial use license for small businesses
-Suitable for a small business or fabric company
-Limited usage or up to 100meters.
-If you exceed this amount please contact me to extend your license.

All images and designs are owned by @dachsdesign and are Copyright protected. The product is for a license to print the design, however, the design remains sole and exclusive property of @dachsdesign and myself the artist Rhiannan Vestøl.

This design must by no means be amended in any way by the purchaser. In addition the purchaser is not allowed to resell the design to another company in digital or physical form, or claim that he or she has designed it.

Elements in my designs may be reused in future designs by @dachsdesign and it may be sold on other platforms such as Instagram.

If printing errors occur @dachsdesign cannot be held responsible. Colours may vary as this depends on the type of fabric printer. I strongly recommend a sample is purchased to assess quality beforehand.

Designs are created to:
-RGB colour mode.